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  1. Ammunition
    I am not sure if the links will survive, so I will describe them. Colt is making ammunition now! Well, sort of. It is made in Russia and is similar to their "Silver Bear" ammo. It features silvery (Zinc Plated?) cases. It actually looks pretty darn cool. The first link features .30-06 ammo...
  2. Ammunition
    Lead ammo is now OK again: Interior secretary repeals ban on lead bullets
  3. Ammunition
    Worth a look. It seems Lithuania is getting into the Ammunition Manufacturing business. Here is their take on NATO-Comatible, NATO-Spec 5.56 ammo...
  4. Ammunition
    It appears these folks tested a batch of Polymer cased ammunition, with plastic instead of metal forming the casing. It didn't do too well in the two rifles that were used in the test, to put things mildly. PCP Polymer Cased Ammo Warning / Review Update - The Firearm Blog It does raise an...
  5. Ammunition
    Hornady is putting out a notice that one lot of 135 gr. 9mm +P Critical Duty ammunition is being recalled. Lot #3141635. "Item number 90226, LOT # 3141635" as per the official notice from Hornady. See: Product Warning and Recall Notice: 90226 - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc The DUF Digest list...
1-5 of 5 Results