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  1. Gun Rights
    Not sure if this will stand, there is still the whole Court and the Supreme Court down the pike, but this is an interesting one. The Ninth Circuit just had a Three Judge Panel rule that California Magazine Capacity restrictions are Unconstitutional. Makes me wonder if it has an immediate...
  2. Shooting
    Already a major problem in Maryland, this invasive water rodent has recently been found in San Joaquin County, California. They're going to have to go all in on this quick to wipe them out, otherwise they can cause major problems. Maryland Fish and Game folks and nature experts can attest to...
  3. Politics
    I was watching the reports flowing in on the Cable news channels regarding the attack on YouTube Headquarters in California* by a gun toting female attacker. Cable, Network and Local (Philadelphia) news reports mentioned that there was some kind of relationship issue at play, and that the...
  4. Politics
    ...from the rest of California? I'm not sure how far this will get:
1-4 of 4 Results