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  1. AR15
  2. Handguns
    I know this is rumormill, so I will post the source. Said source may be on to something or not. (I want to meet the Dean Speir standard of disclosure here.) A poster on the following Facebook page posted as follows: "I spoke to the factory reps at Shot Show. They are considering a King Cobra...
  3. Ammunition
    I am not sure if the links will survive, so I will describe them. Colt is making ammunition now! Well, sort of. It is made in Russia and is similar to their "Silver Bear" ammo. It features silvery (Zinc Plated?) cases. It actually looks pretty darn cool. The first link features .30-06 ammo...
  4. Curio and Relic
    I figured you folks might dig this. Found online: The Colt SCAMP: Yesterday's Pistol of The Future - The Firearm Blog <>
  5. Handguns
    Hi all. Here's one I thought of. I know AMT is out of business, but I would think that with 2014 being 30 years since the first Terminator movie that there would be an opportunity for someone to bring back the Longslide 1911. Just make it a 30th Anniversary Terminator edition. Do it in...
  6. Guns
    Well used guns available for sale Colt Python 8 357MAG $950 Springfield M1A $1500 Bren Ten Marksman Special.45ACP $1800 SIG AMT $2500 HK 93 $1400 I can be best reached right here via email [email protected]
1-6 of 6 Results