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  1. Entertainment
    This one looks interesting. A revisiting of the hunt for "Bonnie and Clyde," from the perspective of a retired Texas Ranger called in to track them down. Featuring Kevin Costner as the former Ranger and Woody Harrelson as his partner.
  2. Survival
    What a brilliant plan this guy had. Notice, by the way, the writer for the Washington Post accepting every single excuse and spin attempt by the perpetrator being interviewed. Posted to Survival because, even if you love someone, drugs can do really messed up things to them. Or a rolling...
  3. CCW
    Ouch. The drawbacks of waistband carry?
  4. Gun Rights
    Handle with care: Guns, Grenades arriving in Canada's mail: Yahoo News Canada - Latest News & Headlines Worth reading, on the topic of how criminals get guns, even in areas where they are tightly restricted. (Grenades are completely illegal, too.)
1-4 of 4 Results