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  1. CCW
    I figured you folks, like me, would get this one. More reason than ever for me to be pro-this. David
  2. Edged Weapons
    A knife-wielding assailant's attack was recently spoiled when their switchblade knife jammed. Or, like Squeaky Fromme, they did not know how to properly operate the weapon:
  3. Gun Rights
    This guy got bail. (?) SC Man who Shot, Burned, Buried Men in Backyard, Claims Self-Defense, is Granted Bail
  4. CCW
    Given the attack on the NYPD officers today by the machete wielding scum bag, and the other recent attacks in major Western cities, I am thinking we need our cities to overhaul and expand their CCW policies right now. Like Israel, we may be dealing with these scum bags on a regular basis now...
1-4 of 4 Results