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  1. Guns
    Family of late gunsmith Archie Stahl of Bowling Green, KY looking to expand family collection of his works. All works stamped "A. Stahl" on left side of barrel, forward of receiver.
    $1,000 USD
  2. Guns
    Family of Kentucky gun smith Archie Stahl buying works. Usually stamped "A Stahl" or "Archie Stahl".
  3. Gun Talk
    hello everyone! In advance, I’m going to apologize for the lengthy post but I want to give you all the info I have and get your advice and opinions on a school. American Gunsmithing Institute (AIG) A little bio on myself to help you understand, I am an Army vet with 6 years in. I am in no way...
  4. Guns
    I am the grandson of Kentucky gunsmith Archie Stahl and since his passing, I have been trying to build a family heritage collection of his works. If anyone has any firearms or any leads, I am interested in buying the firearms and pursuing the leads. He made everything from custom varmint...
1-4 of 5 Results