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  1. Curio and Relic
    I have to wonder if Surplus French Service Pistols are inbound to U.S. shores. The French have just adopted a new service handgun, so maybe some arsenals will get cleared out. Selling surplus pistols and rifles to the U.S. Market has always been an option for European governments...
  2. Politics
    A young Aide of New York City Mayor DeBlasio has apparently been busted with a handgun after a shooting incident where shots were apparently fired from her car. The Aide, who had worked on a program to raise the age at which nonviolent offenders could be tried as adults from 16 to 18, was...
  3. Gun Talk
    I was out yesterday and swung by a local gun store. I noticed not many new pieces in stock, and the used stuff was commanding strong prices. I was kind of surprised, I would have supposed that the election results might have allayed some of the buying boom that has been going on since about...
1-3 of 4 Results