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  1. Entertainment
    So, I caught this movie on the Sunday Afternoon TV matinee a couple of times. That was the 1980s, and the movie had been made in 1977. It was made as an ABC TV movie. You know the variety, tons of people you know from (name all the TV shows) and the threat of impending doom in some kind of a...
  2. Entertainment
    This one looks interesting. A revisiting of the hunt for "Bonnie and Clyde," from the perspective of a retired Texas Ranger called in to track them down. Featuring Kevin Costner as the former Ranger and Woody Harrelson as his partner.
  3. Entertainment
    I watched this one, and about 10 minutes in I figured folks here might get a kick out of it. Steve Guttenberg stars as a Hollywood action actor on something of a career slide when volcanic eruptions around Los Angeles put him in the position of having to save his family for real. Fans of the...
1-3 of 3 Results