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  1. Gun Rights
    New York's State Attorney General has moved to dissolve the NRA, based on accusations of fiscal mismanagement. Addendum, this thread...
  2. Politics
    Interestingly enough, the announcer on Fox News this morning said that Col. North had asked for an investigation of the NRA's Finances before he said he would not serve another term as NRA President. Finances are a key issue, with New York State and City officials pressuring financial...
  3. Politics
    In past years, I have seen folks asking about this, so here are the picks that Col. Brown has put online for 2019.
  4. Gun Rights
    Shortly after the recent Media storm hit the NRA and certain Pro-2nd. Amendment folks after the recent Parkland School attack*, I picked up one of those NRA-ILA "Contest Entry" donation forms. These are the big glossy envelopes where you can enter to potentially win enough firearms to produce a...
  5. Politics
    I was wondering, does anyone have a link to or a list of the Soldier of Fortune picks for the NRA Board elections this year? Thanks - David
1-5 of 5 Results