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  1. Semi Auto
    The U.S. Army is now set to replace the M-4 Carbine and Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) with a weapon from Sig Sauer. Army Picks Its Replacement for the M4 and SAW ( The Army will also be switching calibers, from 5.56mm to a new 6.8mm round.
  2. Ammunition
    I am not sure if the links will survive, so I will describe them. Colt is making ammunition now! Well, sort of. It is made in Russia and is similar to their "Silver Bear" ammo. It features silvery (Zinc Plated?) cases. It actually looks pretty darn cool. The first link features .30-06 ammo...
  3. Gun Rights
    The Shotgun and Revolver used in the recent school attack in Texas are being deemed "Less Lethal" than an AR type rifle:
  4. Rifles
    A .300 Winchester Magnum rifle is coming to the inventory of the U.S. Marines. <>
  5. Rifles
    Judge approves Landmark Remington Rifle* settlement: *The XP-100 Pistol is also affected. Judge approves landmark Remington rifle settlement <>
  6. MilSurps
    This features a Lee-Enfield that has been converted to 7.62 x 39 and can accept AK Magazines.
  7. Automatics
    Korean K2C in Iraq, on both sides - The Firearm Blog <> Pretty interesting. Looks like the Iraqi military likes the rifle, though sadly some have gotten over to the other side as well.
  8. Gun Talk
    I was searching for the old Double Barrel Bolt and found an image on Pinterest. Szecsei & Fuchs Double Barrel Bolt Action Rifle. Isn't it magnificent?
  9. Ammunition
    The Philippines are experimenting with a new 7.62 round. I would guess they aim to work it into the AR platform of rifles. Moe information at the links below: International Ammunition Association {} - View topic - 7.62 x 37 mm Musang GA Musang 7.62mm x 37mm
  10. Ammunition
    It appears these folks tested a batch of Polymer cased ammunition, with plastic instead of metal forming the casing. It didn't do too well in the two rifles that were used in the test, to put things mildly. PCP Polymer Cased Ammo Warning / Review Update - The Firearm Blog It does raise an...
  11. MilSurps
    A story from my neck of the woods: A charter fishing boat crewman is suspected of shooting Pilot Whales and killing at least one, using a surplus Moisin-Nagant rifle. Cape May County Man Charged With Shooting Pilot Whale off New Jersey Coast | Ocean City, NJ Patch I believe the Russian...
  12. Rifles <> The article includes details on the settlement, the fix, and the history of the safety concern in question going back to the late...
  13. Rifles
    I inherited a 1903-a3 from my grandpa, and have been doing some research on the weapons. I have found the meaning for most of the markings on it, but there are some letters on it that appear to have been branded onto the wood butt-stock on the left side of the weapon. I was wondering if anyone...
1-13 of 14 Results