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  1. CCW
    Try to count the (fortunate) errors made by this felon:
  2. Survival
    What a brilliant plan this guy had. Notice, by the way, the writer for the Washington Post accepting every single excuse and spin attempt by the perpetrator being interviewed. Posted to Survival because, even if you love someone, drugs can do really messed up things to them. Or a rolling...
  3. Survival
    When the bluff goes wrong: A Convenience Store robbery by two teenagers armed with a mock or toy pistol goes south on them, when an armed security guard with a real pistol shows up. (Warning: Graphic Video!) 'Mine's real': Viral video shows security guard shooting fake gun-wielding robbery...
  4. Shooting
    Apparently, when a Texas Jewelry store was held up, the store staff opened fire on the robbers. One of the store staff utilizing an AK-Type rifle*: *Most likely of the Semi-Automatic variety. Texas Store Employee Uses AK-47 to Stop 4 Armed Robbers
  5. Gun Rights
    Reports on the Internet that Kin Kardashian was held up at gunpoint in her hotel room in Paris. As this was likely a super high end place, this is pretty wild, how someone could get in past that security. No word on her condition, hopefully she is OK and the intruders just wanted cash and...
1-5 of 5 Results