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  1. Survival
    These stories have been out in the national media, and are probably ones you have heard about. Still, I wanted to post this here. Some places out there are getting pretty bad. Ironic Justice: Two Anti-Police Lawmakers Get Carjacked : The Other McCain
  2. Politics
    A young Aide of New York City Mayor DeBlasio has apparently been busted with a handgun after a shooting incident where shots were apparently fired from her car. The Aide, who had worked on a program to raise the age at which nonviolent offenders could be tried as adults from 16 to 18, was...
  3. Shooting
    Not sure how this review will go for the officer, even though one can say the suspect was pretty dumb for fighting the officer over what may have been a relatively minor beef. Warning: Video clip in the story, rather graphic, too. California cop shoots man multiple times at 7-Eleven | Daily...
  4. CCW
    Worth a read. Andy Brown: Helping the other survivors of the Mellberg rampage | The Spokesman-Review
  5. Competition
    I feel bad for these shooters, it sounds quite sudden and unexpected. Team Sig Sauer is Disbanded - The Firearm Blog <>
  6. Gun Rights
    This guy got bail. (?) SC Man who Shot, Burned, Buried Men in Backyard, Claims Self-Defense, is Granted Bail
  7. Politics
    Chinese diplomatic staff killed in bizarre Philippine birthday shooting - The Foreign Desk by Lisa Daftari Now this gets my attention. What really sticks out is the immunity request. If I had just blasted the Chinese Consul General and killed two of his staff, I am not sure that making a...
  8. Gun Talk
    I was wondering if the folks at this board had any perspective on this apparently accidental shooting: Lawyer: Tulsa reserve deputy to turn himself in I see it as adrenaline and stress, but not a mistake that can be repaired. I am guessing they just didn't look at what they were pulling out...
  9. Shooting
    The 57-year old RCMP veteran stopped the attacker right outside the chambers. I guess it is true what they say, the Mounties always get their man. Good on him, it is sad it had to be like that, but he did the job. Ottawa shootings: Kevin Vickers, parliament's sergeant-at-arms, hailed as hero
  10. Politics
    Story at: Don't Rush to Prosecute Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman Lawyer Says - US News Not to mention every TV channel. My take on what is publicly known so far, from my comment at the site above: OK, we don't have all the facts on this one yet, which of course hasn't stopped...
1-10 of 10 Results