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  1. Ammunition
    I bought a box of 12 gauge shotgun slugs at Cabelas for $12.00. That same night I looked up the ammo on GunBroker and found people selling the very same box for $39 starting bid and $59.00 "buy it now". It's getting greedy out there. :confused:
  2. Gun Rights
    The Shotgun and Revolver used in the recent school attack in Texas are being deemed "Less Lethal" than an AR type rifle:
  3. Entertainment
    I watched this one, and about 10 minutes in I figured folks here might get a kick out of it. Steve Guttenberg stars as a Hollywood action actor on something of a career slide when volcanic eruptions around Los Angeles put him in the position of having to save his family for real. Fans of the...
  4. Shotguns
    Hey everybody,,, I bought a S&W Eastfield 916-A planning to beat it up in shooting practice, learning how to clean, assemble, reassemble, whatever,, So, I went to break the thing down I got the magazine tube off but when I grabbed the pump handle it came out with a part called the breech bolt...
  5. Entertainment
    Anyone know what this is? It looks like what the Saiga is to the AK series, for the AR-15 or M-16 type of rifle. It would have to be late 1980s at the latest, as far as make. It is seen in the later part of this Youtube clip. If you move the play bar pipper to 5:36 you'll see the side profile...
1-5 of 5 Results