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  1. Survival
    Hopefully this all gets sorted soon. Afterwards, should we pull through, and I am hoping we do given the good economic news today, the NRA may have a lot of new recruits.
  2. Survival
    I heard this on the Radio news break last night. I haven't seen it mentioned yet on the Cable News channels today. Elements in the Ambush included firearms and IEDs.
  3. Survival
    Some folks might find this interesting. Groups that specialize, as commune type organizations, in going back as close to stone age lifestyles as possible. I did wonder how they were obtaining so many deer, I would wonder how things like hunting seasons were managed regarding such enthusiasts...
  4. Survival
    From a Facebook Friend's Social Media page. I wanted to go with the origin point for those wondering, it does not seem to be a link to a parody site or a spoof article. For those wondering where some of the more far-out "Bernie Bros" (And Bernie Sisters) are looking to go down the road, the way...
  5. Survival
    Something seems to be missing from these guides. No mention of a pen knife, a means to make a fire, or something else? Unless I misread them. If a nuclear bomb explodes, these are the emergency supplies you should have prepared or grab on the run Nuclear fallout safety: Why going indoors...
  6. Politics
    This report describes a possible "Drying up" of civilian fuel supplies in North Korea. The report says this could be due to China cutting off fuel shipments to the North Koreans, but I see another possibility, which may be wrong but certainly bears consideration. Were I the North Korean...
  7. Survival
    Jay Leno with some interesting info on the corrosion of fuel systems by ethanol in modern fuels over long term storage. Worth a watch.
1-7 of 7 Results