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Was looking for a bayonet for my M1 at a local gunshow and a guy had about a dozen to pick from. The majority of them were cut-downs from the 16' bayonet and a lot of them were stamped "Bowie"

I wound up with one that appears to be a cutdown version with stampings on both sides of the blade. One side is stamped RIA 1918 (the stamping has been highlighted in white and is very crisp and clear) with the ordnance bomb between the two stampings. The other side is stamped "US" and UFH and stamped over the UFH is a 6-digit number of 338670.

The handle is black plastic and the blade is a black finish like a black oxide (not blued or parked). There are no nicsk or scratches anywhere on the blade. It appears to be as if it were never issued. The blood channel is about 3/8" wide and appears to extend thru the point

The scabbard only has the ordance bomb with no other markings and is painted OD green.

I paid $55 for the bayonet and scabbard. Was this a reasonable deal??
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