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One day riding up the scenic Hudson River route, one of the ten most scenic railfanning areas of the world, I was looking alongside my train and the rails of the track next to us in wonderment at today's modern railroad construction. 760-900 pound concrete ties, curly track clips and how heavy is that rail I wondered? From what I've read in books the heaviest rail ever used in this country was during WWII, 155 pound rail. A few years back, before I fell behind in my reading of TRAINS and Model Railroader, Classic Toy Trains, etc., etc., (YOU SHOULD SEE THE PILE!!!) I read that Union Pacific had reached as high as 136 pound rail in certain areas of the country and that heavier rail was probably in sight.

Well, the other day I'm at New Hamburg station, catching the Sunday night 9:43 into the city and I saw a guy I've become "platform friendly" with, an electrical engineer with Metro-North Railroad. We've become pretty friendly over about a year's time or so, often taking the same train into our respective jobs, and he told me the rail we were looking at was 150 POUND RAIL!!!

Well, with an increasing amount of freight traffic, with freight cars and locomotives getting bigger and bigger, with Genesis-led passenger trains running 90-100 mph up and down the route, and what appears to me to be a modern day version of the famous old 110 mph Amtrak turbo train that I also see occasionally, along with Metro-North's diesel and electrics (electrics run only up to 33 miles above the city) running up and down those tracks at up to about 90-95 mph, it's no wonder!!!



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