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I have a 1903 Type C prewar stock. It has the correct "S" in the inlet for the cutoff. It also has a faint "D1836" on the bottom of the stock ahead of the lower sling swivel. The other markings include a plain "P" behind the trigger guard area and a boxed OG on the left side.

It is in excellent shape. However, before I bought this stock, Bubba had tried his hand at "checking" but fortunately gave up after a pass or two. The stock has been expertly patched and is scarely noticeable. The finish is excellent.

While the patch doesn't make this a "mint" stock anymore, it still would be an excellent choice for those who can't afford a 100% stock.

In addition to the picture below, I have a link which will take you to some more pictures including closeups of the patch.

This is a short-time offer and the stock will be placed on eBay Sunday night, if it doesn't sell.

$250 plus shipping.

[email protected]

Further pictures:

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