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1911 question

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#2 son picked up a Heinz 1911. Colt slide, 1911A1 frame with a 1911 hammer & & grip safety, looks like an arsenal rebuild. Inspector stamps GHD on left of frame, P below magazine catch, very faint crossed cannons in a circle on right side opposite safety. US property stamps, long serial number, parkerized finish.

I was never a collector, anyone have a clue who might have made the frame? Springfield?
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Google says Guy H Dewey, Colt.

You beat me to it. = Darn it.
(I actually knew that answer, though I know few such answers.)

yours, sw
Thanks guys, the boy done good if he didn't fib on what he paid.
Guy H. Drewry Brig. General was Army Inspector of Ordnance from June, 1942 till July, 1945.

The serial number may be the easiest way to determine who made the frame. Following that line, here's a a site that may help. Also note, any serial number starting or ending with a C is a Colt commercial pistol, not military issue. production.htm

Info on Drewry:
Anyone have any faint guess on the crossed cannon imprint?
The crossed canons were ordnance acceptance mark.
Ah so, thanks. Had never seen them before.
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