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Back when I first joined here many moons ago I was bitten by curiosity about the hotter members of the ACP family, .45 Super and .450 SMC, at the same time as the Longslide bug bit. At the time Former Fearless Leader Fernando mentioned that the heart of the .45 Super conversion was a Detonics-style dual-spring recoil system set for around 22# spring weight... sounds easy so far, right?

If you're doing a 5", yep, the Colt Rail Gun family is pretty much there IIRC, just need to up the spring rate. Not so much if you're doing a Longslide... even LESS so if you're going for a 7" AMT-style. Wolff won't even GIVE a rating on their Longslide springs, and theirs are only good for up to 6" models like the more common Clark and Springfield layout.

Any of you guys out there, particularly our veteran gunsmith members, have any suggestions about this? The goal is two top-end setups sharing a frame, the 7" to be capable of both .450 SMC and .45ACP without spring changes as a nightstand "Roland Special on Steroids" and a more conventional 5" .45ACP for day-shift carry.
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