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I took my Remington Rand 1911 that had been turned ito an SA built NM to the range today this was the first time I have fired it. It is very accurate but there was one glitch I can't figure out. I put a seven round loaded mag in it closed the slide took aim and bang, I tried to fire another round and the trigger would not move. It felt like the slide was out of battery, but when I looked at the gun the slide seemed to be fully forward. I ejected the live round an tried again, same result. After awhile I thought I would try a different magazine, it ran like a champ. I put the mag I was having trouble with into an Argentine 1927 1911, Bang, Bang. All seven rounds, no problem. It seems like that one mag was interfering with something in that one pistol. I sure don't know what caused it. I figured if anyone knew they would be on this forum.

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fwiw, NM .45acp pistols tend to be "a bit finicky" about magazines.
(fyi, it has been my long experience that Colt's Gold Cups are similarly "finicky".)

while i CANNOT tell you what is wrong with that mag, i'd simply say: change mags & ENJOY! ======> before i'd bet my LIFE on that pistol, i would run at least a box of shells though EACH magazine that i planned to carry for CCW and/or "serious social purposes".

yours, sw

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Sounds like the mag is interfering with the trigger bow. Hard to say if the mag's at fault, or the trigger bow.

If it's the trigger bow, the fix is either bend it out a little (not so much that it now binds on the frame), or take a few file strokes off the inside of it, or some combination thereof.

If it's the mag, the fix is a few file or stone strokes in the trigger bow area.
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