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Had a little PT with a currently active Navy Swimmer this mourning. Seems he mentioned that the 4 Singer 1911's at his last command have been lost. Two of them over the desert during training and the other 2 lost at sea. Perhaps it will be interesting to watch which private collections these lost Singer 1911's eventually surface in? :wink:

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To All,

Other than a handful in the custody of the Army's AMUs, I didn't know that the Armed Forces had any M1911 pistols left. = Even when I was with the PMO at Ft. Pickett, ALL of the M1911A1 .45 pistols that we sent to DS/GS maintenance for repair were SCRAPPED as "of no further use to the government" OR mashed/melted down as "unrepairable".
(TRUST ME, none of the members of this forum would have wanted to fire most of the M1911 pistols that we had when I arrived at Ft Pickett. = ALL but five pistols, upon inspection, proved to be UNSAFE to fire with issue ammo.)

I then issued 4" barreled Colt's Official Police & S&W "Korean war era" .38SPL revolvers to our MPs, DoD Police & to our ammunition point WG Guards, which we had plenty of in stock.
(I believe that the revolvers had been issued, at some time in the distant past, for the WG guards use.)

The DS maintenance facility finally sent us 47 brand new M11 Sig-Sauer pistols as a "direct replacement" for the M1911 pistols, shortly before I was transferred to another post..

yours, sw
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