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1938 LASD Shooting Film

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15 min film showing a shooting demonstration and range procedures, including reloading (with a progressive, no less!). Some of the techniques shown are surprisingly 'advanced', including anatomical targets and shooting on the move.
RARE - LASD Pistol Team Exhibition, Historic, 1936, Color enhanced - YouTube
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Pete, that was really awesome! Amazing how times have changed.

I guess I just ain't a real trusting soul. No way I would let anybody shoot a cigarette out of my mouth...although my wife really wants to.

Charlie,Pete, do you think those guys working at the range were sworn officers assigned to that duty? Hell, they even had a guy kinda cleaning their revolvers after shooting! Talk about service!

Melting lead and making bullets. Can you imagine what OSHA would say about that nowadays? Not to mention the "target practice".
Hmmmm.. Well, actually I've already done that when I cast conicals for use with my blackpowder C&B revolvers.
Don't tell OSHA.

Uh, er, .... you don't suppose anyone at OSHA can you?:duh::oops:
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