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1940's style Sci-Fi movie coming out.

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Sky Captain.

Looks to be pretty dang crazy... P-40's and stuff out of Popular Science... I'm there opening night.
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George said:
Looks to be pretty dang crazy... P-40's and stuff out of Popular Science... I'm there opening night.
O yeah… I'm down!

The P40s are kinda '40s-ish, but the mise en scène is more '30s, and some of the sets are straight outta Fritz Lang in the '20s.

Of course in just watching the trailer I caught several quotes… including a li'l bit of George Pal's 1953 version of War of the Worlds (which Spielberg is re-making for sometime next year).

I'm excited! (Although I'm a bit disappointed to discover that they're doing an Ed Wood/Bela Lugosi deal with Laurence Olivier who's been dead for more than 15 years already!)

And speaking of Olivier and aeroplanes and films which actually came from that era, if you get a chance to see 1939's Q Planes (a/k/a Clouds Over Europe as it runs on cable channels here) with Valerie Hobson and Ralph Richardson looking every bit as dashing as young Larry, don't miss it!
Angelina Jolie in tight black leathers... P-40's... Giant Robots... Gwyneth Paltrow with long blonde hair... air battles... orinthopters...
This is just too cool.
Did you catch the pusher prop fighters? Those look very cool.
Kinda reminds me of a pretty good XBox video game, "Crimson Skies".
Okay, Ogre, not that I don't have a life elsewhere, but the Sky Captain trailer got me interested in what else in on the large screen horizon, and these definitely look worthy of my anticipation:

  • Zatoichi. One of the cable channels has been running some of the original series of black & whites… great stuff![/*:1lmqpzyb]
  • After The Sunset. Love a good caper flick in the style of Jules Dassin's archetypal Rififi and Topkapi or the original Thomas Crown Affair.[/*:1lmqpzyb]
  • Criminal. Gotta love it when some one with a face like John C. Reilly gets a leading man's part.[/*:1lmqpzyb]
  • Batman Begins. None of the sequels have ever approached anything like the first ten minutes of the original, and this one looks like it's just striking out on its own and going a different direction… Bruce Wayne as a young Lamont Cranston.[/*:1lmqpzyb]
  • Ray. Seen the theatrical trailer and Jamie Foxx has it down… the music will be some of the best, of course, and this looks surefire! Big year for Foxx![/*:1lmqpzyb]
  • Silver City. I happen to like John Sayles for a lot of reasons… (Matewan has one of the better shoot-outs in it, one which seems to have had considerable influence on Kevin Costner's grand finale in Open Range) and this one looks great! My Gawd!, look at the cast![/*:1lmqpzyb]
Incidentally, this "exclusive clip" from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow puts a little different spin on the flick. Tomahawks were never meant to do that!
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Arrgh... your killing me...
I - must - study - and - not - be - distracted!

Hey.. all my Warhawks did that in my bathtub grown up!
Batman - This is the first time I have looked forward to a Batman movie since the first Batman movie.
1st off - they are making it "real" and not like a life action cartoon.
2ndly - they finally got the right man to wear the suit.

I loved the Thomas Crown Affair... Much better movie than "Entrapment" was. So I am with "After Sunset" too... And Salma is in it? She gives me blood pressure issues ever since I saw Desperado. Because of her, I actually watched "Fools Rush In" and "From Dusk till Dawn". I can't help myself... it's Salma. And this one looks very good. (I loved her in Dogma too... Kevin Smith movies, for a lack of an IQ, are a guilty pleasure sort of thing)
Zatoichi... Hey, the guy playing the blind swordsman... isn't that the cat from Spike TV's Most Extreme Elimination or something? This movie looks awesome... then again I think all of them do. Mild case of Yellow Fever? Love Last Samurai, Crouching Tiger, and this new movie "Hero" looks awesome too. I got hooked reading James Clavell novels... so I am looking forward to this one on principle alone... add in that it's based on a legend and a remake of a classic... I'm there. It wont come into my town, but I'll be able to order the DVD. (God Bless

Ray - Foxx just made big time.

Silver City... I saw the trailer for it when I went to see The Village... It hooked me. Love the cast. Should be awesome.
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Ogre...IF thats your real name....

I am not a fan of QT. Something about his movies annoy me. Too comic bookish/anime/trying to be cooler than it really is. Like Kill Bill, sorry, but that movie in two parts thing just flat out sucks.
The movie communicates no redeeming qualities whatsoever and is simplely graphic violence for the sake of graphic violence.
Sure, I like action movies... but I like a story and a script... P.L.O.T. means everything.
A homicadal wench is almost killed by her homicidal crew so she goes on a homicadal ramage to kill all the homicadal maniacs and everyone that gets in her way.
Now that is a BRILLIANT IDEA!
QT and whoever greenlighted that flick need to have the flesh pealed off his living skull with vice grips - NOW THAT would be a great movie! I'd buy that DVD in Widescreen.
Oh, yeah, Hero looks pretty good. QT only produced it and not directed it right?
Nah QT didnt direct it... Zhang Yimou did...

I agree that Kill Bill would have been a better movie if it was shown all at once...I sincerely dug it, none the less...Getting to see Sonny (Street fighter) Chiba and Gordon (Master Killer) Liu were worth the price of admission for me...
Anyone seen this yet?
Two Thumbs Up!

Sunday took the wife and kids to the movies to see Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow. As soon as it started my never-silent 11YO asked if the movie was going to look like that all the time... But when action started the he leaned towards me to tell me "I thought I wasn't gonna to like it!"

Anyway, the movie was very good... The style of movie that was already gone when I started watching movies (I'm from the Star Wars era). One cool hero, one B-E-A-utiful journalist (Gwyneth... I'm not worthy! :bow: ) and one super sexy one-eyed heroine. Made me remember the Flash Gordon series of Saturday mornings, but with the right technology. I really enjoyed the retro FX, the aerials and subaquatic scenes are GREAT!

The plot is light, very good vs. evil, superhero vs. mad scientist, but with a bit of a twist at the end... Another one to my DVD collection when it comes out.

Go see it and enjoy it!
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