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2011 LED Light Bulbs intended for residential installation

  • led light intended for residential installation

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  • 20011 new led bulbs intended for residential installation

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2011 LED Light Bulb Review Roundup: For the home, which LED Light Bulb should you buy?

Our recommendations for the to 2011 LED Light Bulbs intended for residential installation.

So, whats your need? We've compiled together a number of different scenarios, and came up with specific recommendations for each situation. These are common situations that many homeowners and renters encounter, and we provide recommendations for which LED bulb might work best in that spot. Keep in mind that it all depends on the size of a space and how bright you want it; these are just general guidelines to hopefully point you in the right direction. We also want to hear your voice, so let us know in the comments if you strongly agree or disagree with specific recommendations. And also let us know if there is a different bulbs that we should consider for future LED Review Roundups.

Replacing an indoor CFL bulbs in ceiling fixture: Ceiling fixture bulbs often need to be visible. For this reason, we recommend the Aladdin LED Light Bulbs LK 400 Lumens 4 watt, which is one of the prettiest bulbs around. However, since the Aladdin is less bright than some of the other bulbs at 400 lumens (less than a 40-watt incandescent bulb), it might be best for a multi-bulb fixture. If your ceiling fixture needs just one bulb and lights a large space, spring for the Ultra-LED 9-watt dimmable bulb, which uses more energy than the 9-watt but also gives you more bang for your buck, light-wise.
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