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.223 / AR

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Charlie, have you ever done any loading for an AR in .223 with IMR 4350 powder? I know it's not recomended for a Garand because of the gas system. The 4350 is too slow burning. The AR has a different gas system. I use the 4350 for 30/06, 270, 243, etc., with excellent results. Just wondering how it might be in an AR..
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Charlie is on a road trip and won't be back till this weekend. I'm sure he'll be back online shortly thereafter.
For what it's worth, I've used mostly IMR 4064 for .223 loadings (both reloads and Triton load development) that were intended for the AR-15/M-16 platform. I used IMR 4320 and 4350 for .308 load development.
Yeah, I know about the 4350 for 308 etc. My favorite for both 30/06 type and 223 is Hodgdons Varget. I was just curious about the 4350 for an AR. I find load data for 223 with 4350 but it doesn't say anything about not using it in an AR. On the other hand it doesn't say not to use 4350 in Garand loadings either. I have seen some bent and broken operating rods on Garands from using too slow powder.
Joe, IMO 4350 is too slow for the .223. The problem with the op rod in the M-1 does not exist in the.223.

Win. 748 is most often used, but I had great luckl with Varget, AA2230 and H335.

If you've gotta buy powder try Varget. It is very versatile stuff and I got real good accuracy in a .223 bolt gun.
Charlie, Good to see you back. I was just wondering about the 4350. I was using 4895 but switched to Varget about 2 years ago. I use it for most rifle loads now. I guess I was looking for a use for the left over 4350. Thanks...
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