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.30 jamming problems

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I went shooting today and my NPM is failing to eject the spent casings. They either turn crosswise and catch on the bolt face, or the spent round is returned to the chamber by the bolt. The NPM flat bolt I just bought recently is all NPM and it ejected just fine at the gunsmith's. What should I try next???

Thanks, Magnafique
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Thanks for the reply. Yes the carbine was mfg by National Postal Meter. The gunsmith is a friend and is helping me with the gun. It did not work properly with the previous bolt either. Occasionally it does eject the casing but that is rare. We discovered a small crack in the gas port housing just aft of the inspection hole on the aft tip allowing gas pressure to escape through the loose threads. The gas piston nut was loose in the threads until I slowly installed the piston nut and while doing so put a few drops of red lock-tite through the clean-out hole to fill up the threads and let it set for several days. The thought is that the pressure leak is causing the operating slide to not fully retract so that it can eject a casing and pick up a fresh cartridge and feed it to to the chamber. I am probably going to have to purchase another barrel with a good gas chamber and tight thread on the piston nut. The piston and piston nut are new.

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