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...Bob Marley passed away in a Miami hospital, of cancer that had spread from his right big toe (the cancer had been discovered in 1977 but Marley refused to have the toe amputated because Rastafarianism forbade such a procedure). The son of a white Englishman and a Jamaican teenager, Robert Nesta Marley was 36 years old. I'm not a Rasta and I don't smoke ganja, but I do seriously dig Bob Marley's music and "positive vibration".

Some of my favorite Bob Marley songs are "Positive Vibration", "Punky Reggae Party", "Exodus", "Natural Mystic", "Three Little Birds", "No Woman, No Cry" and "Could You Be Loved".

Like many great musical artists who passed far too soon, we can lament the loss of the great art Bob Marley would doubtless have produced had he lived longer while appreciating what he gave us while he did.

Sail on, Bob.
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