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40 super 200 grain 1200 fps load data wanted

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I'm looking for some higher velocity load data than triton's. Has anyone ever tried 800X or Longshot? I would like to find some data on heavier 40 super bullets using higher velocity's at safe pressures. 165 grain and up. The only 40 super availible on the market at this time is 135 grain and 155 grain.
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Hey Fernando... do you want to give him the bad news or should I?
Charlie - He has been in contact with me via e-mail and Starline via phone. Starline gave him the old load data that they had from us.

InPrescottAZ - What Charlie is referring to is the future of the .40 Super is pretty dim.

Even though the folks at American Ammo are now going to be releasing Quik-Shok and maybe even Hi-Vel in regular calibers, they know nothing about the .40 Super other than what they were told. From what I have heard, they may not even release the cartridge.

I can't think of anyone else that has tried to push the limits and load the .40 Super to that velocity. The problem is you need to be able to pressure test when you start getting up to the limits. Pressures start to get pretty high pretty fast with no indicators of excessive pressure. That was the whole reason behind Triton releasing very conservative load data a few years back. We didn't want to put reloaders on the path of blown up guns. We left that to another ammo company.
40 super pressures

That's why I was asking if anyone had tried 800X or Longshot. Powders that produce high velocity without always producing high pressures.
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