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Do any of you guys have a pet 45.70 load for an 1873 trapdoor carbine?
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presuming that it's an ORIGINAL trapdoor 65-70 grain equivilent of PYRODEX, behind a 375-400 grain plain LEAD bulllet is HARD to beat as a DEADLY ACCURATE deer/black bear KILLER in the brush.
(fyi, for a much stronger modern action, my brother-of-the-heart loads a 450grain GC bullet behind a heavy load of smokeless @2200+FPS that would stop trannnasaurus rex. - he shoots it in a customized Mauser action for rimmed cartridges.)

yours, sw
This is an original Army issue trapdoor carbine. I'm afraid the heavier load would be a disaster.
I routinely use 10 to12.0 gr. of Trail Boss with a 405 gr. cast bullet. I use the lighter load in a carbine and the heavier in a rifle.

These are plinking loads and you could go a bit higher but both are quite mild and much less trouble than black powder.
That sounds like what I was looking for. Thanks Charlie!
I forgot to ask to you put a wad or filler over the powder Charlie?
My thanks to SW and Charlie. This forum is great.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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