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.45 ACP loads

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Greetings all,
I hope everyone is safe and well.
I have a couple questions/problems that I would like to throw out.
I currently use a Lee progressive loader that I like a lot. I use it for my Ruger P90 .45. I am using Bullseye with a 200 gr. lead round nose & federal primers. I started out with the "safe" load recommended by the loading tables that came with the press; 4.0 grains of powder.
So, here I go to shoot, and every other round jams. Or when they do eject, they fall at my feet. So, O.K. I tell myself. Maybe I need to bump it up a little. I moved up to 4.5 gr. This works MUCH better.
Now, however, some of my shells are still getting stuck. When I look at them, the mouth of the case has a little nick on it.
My question is this, (about time, huh?). Do I need to yet again bump up the load? Or could this be a crimping problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance, sincerely, Keary Lutz
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The charge is fine although you can go up if need be.

One of the problems with any progressive loader is that things can go wrong in a number of places. It sounds as if the case mouth is running into something it shouldn't. If it was a crimp problem the case probably wouldn't go in the chamber.

Run some cases slowly and inspect them after each stage. It could be something like a case not entering the die correctly and bumping into the die body to get dinged.

It is also remotely possible that the cases are getting damaged as they are ejected from the gun and the sizing die doesn't get them completely straightened out.
First, check your equipment like Charlie suggests

if you don't find anything wrong there, you might want to invest in a Lee Factory Crimp die. This die post sizes your ammo and allows you to perform an adjustable taper crimp on the brass mouth. I use on for every caliber I reload for that little extra security it provides.
Thank you very much for your replies. Both insightful, and helpful.
Here is what have done. I think that I had the bullet seated so deep, that I could not get a good crimp on it. Not to mention the low loads. So, I bumped the load up to 5.0 gr. Bullseye, and pulled the bullet out ot 1.27" overall. I now have more bullet to crimp to. The max length is 1.275". I plan on shooting these tomorrow, will let you know, if you are interested. Thanks again!
Sincerely, Keary
:? This is an old thread; but, still, worth a response. Mr. Petty's advise is sound. The first thing I'd suspect is a casemouth, 'belling' problem - especially with lead bullets that tend to be an extra thousandth, or so, in diameter. If, 'belling' isn't the problem, then, I'd check out the sizing die problems that Mr. Petty has mentioned.

Personally I'd hesitate to use 5.0grns of Bullseye with a 45acp lead bullet. Sure it'll work; but the leading must be substantial. You might want to look into a lighter recoil spring from a company like Wolff Gunsprings and keep that load at, about, 4.5-4.6grns. of Bullseye. Otherwise remember to wire brush the barrel every 250 rounds, or so. :wink:

Here's the link:
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