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.45 carry weapons

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Hello all, another newbie question. I gather that most of you under most circumstances prefer a 1911 type .45 for your PDW. I shot a Springfield today at a local range. It was a Milspec accept in stainless with adjustable sites. It was nice but how do you conceal something like that? I'm a pretty big guy but I have been confined to a wheelchair for the last 20 some years, so Obviously, I am almost always in a sitting position. I have shot a .38 snubbie and they practically dissapear when concealing, but many people find the calibre unsattisfactory for self defense.
Does anyone have any experience as or with a wheelchair bound shooter? Any comments would be appreciated as always.

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Personally, my normal carry gun is a 38SPL. But I would think that you might just have a big advantage over most of us. I imagine that there are a host of ways that something the size of a 1911 could be concealed on a wheelchair. I don't know of any specific devices but I bet they are out there.

By the way, back when I was into Martial Arts my Master was in a wheelchair. He had lost a leg and most of one arm and could still whump up on most anyone around.
Boy that was quick...

You are right there's lot s of places to stash a gun. I always have a backpack on the back of my chair and I could hide a submaching gun in there but getting it out readily is a whole different story. I thougt about sitting on it but I have enough pressure problems with my skin as it is.

"unsatisfactory"? Really? The .38 Special is undoubtedly the #1 concealed carry gun in the country. So question the wisdom of those who say otherwise. If you put the bullet in the right place .22s are just fine :D

Now, for someone in your situation it would be easy to conceal a full size GM in a crossdraw holster that is specifically intended for use by folks who spend all their time in a car. IIRC both Kramer and Rosen have holsters like that. It would still require some sort of cover garment but that wouldn't be too hard. Another possibility is a fanny pack. I'm not sure why they're "fanny" packs since everyone who totes guns in them wears them in front.
Thanks again

Man, it's so refreshing to hear common sense instead of "Get a Glock" hyperbole. When I took a handgun/CCW course the instructor gave me a .38spl S&W (642 maybe) to use. It completely changed my mind about revolvers and especially "snubbies" that I previously considered a Saturday Night Special. It dissapeard in my waistband, it came out and presented very smoothly and it was so simple to work. I was convinced.

It's just that I hear so much crap about "If it's not a .45 your wasting your time." I wouldn't want to stand downrange from it! I know there are guys that are more deadly with a .22 than others with .45's or .357's etc.

That's why I am joining the local private range so I can "get good" with whatever I choose. It will be fun learning.

Any thoughts on Taurus as compared to S&W? (no need to mention the boycott.

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Re: Thanks again

SpecialEd said:

Any thoughts on Taurus as compared to S&W? (no need to mention the boycott.

Quality might be spotty. Have two of them - a 608 revolver that is a great gun. Good fit and finish, accurate, nice trigger pull. Also have a 22 revolver that sits in the safe. WAY heavy trigger pull, lousy fit and finish. Try before you buy if you can, I had to order both guns.
In terms of feel and accuracy I would rank the current crop of wheel guns as S&W, Ruger and then Taurus. But I would also not limit myself to the current crop. IMHO, the Smith K and N series handguns are about as fine as was even made.

Before you decide, you should try a few things. In snubbies, handle a Smith J, K & L frame, Colt D frame, Ruger SP and GP. I think you'll find that the K frame snubbies, Ruger GP and the Colt D frames can be concealed as easily as the smaller Smith J and Ruger SP frames. In addition, you'll get a bigger grip for added control and 6 rounds instead of 5.

I used to have a Taurus 66 6" that I really liked, but when I sold it and bought an older Colt Border Patrol, I discovered the great difference in trigger pulls. The Colt's is much better. I still carry (at times) a Taurus 68 3" but that has been suplanted by a Taurus PT145 that just feels better on my hip. I'm sure the holster makes up some of the difference in comfort with a Rosen for the PT and a cheap pouch type Bianchi IWB for the 68.

I like(d) all of my Taurus' and would recomend them to anyone, but like has been said before, you have to try each model you are interested in and find the one that fits you best.
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