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50 Weeks Without A Meal. . . .

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Yup, the Burmese Python ate yesterday for the first time since last June 13th, exactly 50 weeks. Not that I planned-----------,

wait, I have to stop here to tell you that I typed a post several paragraphs long about this 12 or so hours ago, but deleted it, because I always copy everything before posting it, in case I get kicked off before the post goes through, but I hit a wrong key that's close to the one I have to hit, deleted it and couldn't get it back, . . .

BECAUSE I'M A STUPID, DUMB BLONDE #@[email protected]@[email protected] *&*%!*@!! JERK WITH LESS THAN ONE TENTH OF A BRAIN!!!! . . .


So anyway, I hadn't planned to wait 50 weeks to feed her/it again, but it got real cold, real fast last fall, and she went into that semi-hibernative state that home-kept snakes go into, with wild snakes doing the full hibernation thingy, and wasn't ready to eat again until just very recently.

So, Friday evening, a friend drove me to the local pet store to pick up four jumbo rats. It turned out that the first four, which were all they had left, were sub-jumbos, at least not NYC subway-rat size, which is what I was looking for. So, they offered to bring out a hairless rat, which had been somebody's pet, and was now in the "jumbo feeder rat" department. So, knowing that a rat's natural life span is quite short, it softened the blow of feeding something that had been somebody's pet to my jungle snake. And after 350 days without a meal, she needed those five rats!!!

As it turned out, and it went quite well in fact, she could have taken six or seven, or at least five NYC subway-rat size rats, but that will keep her until the Jets' third game of the season. Let's hope it doesn't get winter-like in September this year!!! Wouldn't want her to go another year without a meal, although that's not necessarily dangerous for every snake. It's certainly no world record, but it's definitely NOT advisable for snake owners, just for the record.

You know us Republicans. We like that "plausible deniability" thingy. :wink:
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You should have considered feeding it one of those skate boarders from down the block. I bet that would send the message to the rest of them to go play elsewhere! :wink:
Yes, that's a capital idea! Hmmmmmmmmmmm, . . .

The last snake I had that ate live rats, once she hit 140#, I got rid of her. Yup, divorce sucks, but sometimes it's worth it.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

In other words, the whole stadium is rockin'!!!
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