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60's Activist Bea Hiernau In Late Life Pregnancy. . . .

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67 year old Beatrice "Bea" Hiernau is reportedly pregnant with a "love child" by an unnamed 19 year old lover. Hiernau, who rose to fame as a member of various radical movements of the historic decade of extreme cultural change, had been married three times and pregnant by all her husbands and several other men, but never conceived, miscarrying every time.

For Hiernau, the pregnancy did not exactly come at an opportune time, since she reportedly suffers from Parkinson's and a heart ailment. I guess the baby didn't heed the mantra of the 60's, to . . .

Be Here Now.

Back to another All-Elvis, rye drinkin' till we's a stinkin' weekend on WBLF, All Bloofy, All The Thyme Radio, 6969.69 Mhz.
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I can never tell when he is serious. :shock:
Sometimes, . . .

neither can I.

Be Here Now

That was Zen, this is Tao! :lol:
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