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I'll bet a bunch that the Chicago papers didn't see it that way

The new did have a report that 80+ people were shot there over the 4th weekend and 14... I think... were killed.

Perhaps we should send in ammo... :rolleyes:

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Charlie Petty,

In point of fact, the SUN-TIMES avoided talking about the ex-GI & his defense of the otherwise helpless members of his party. = The only mention that I've seen from Chicago media described him as "a participant in a shooting incident".
(That is called, "Lying by omission".)

ABC, CBS, NBC & PBS said NOTHING about the incident as far as I can learn. =====> Doesn't fit the "anti-gun agenda" of "the smart set", don't you know?

The more that I learn about the "main-stream media" & the "progressives" the better that I like venomous serpents, poisonous spiders, worms & swine.

yours, sw
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