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Here’s a list, quite a group of gun-writers.
You may want to google the gaggle, or just a few, or whatever.
Some I can’t find anything, some a wee bit….
J.C. Thompson
O.F. Rankin
V.L. Thomason
R. L. Bradley
R. W. Heinz
Edward J. Hoffschmidt
Robert R. Wilmarth
Henry A. Davis
Dennis Riordan
Thos. E. Wessel
Harold L. Peterson, colonial stuff...
F. Von Muller

Sheesh…that’s probably enough for now…Goes without sayin', Charlie, you're free to move this, or dump it, or whatever pleases you. I just hope there's entertainment and information to be found in some of these ole' boys...And lemme just add Ludwig Olson, a Mauser guy...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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