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I have a short,true story.

I used to have a bay gelding named Champ when I was about 6.Champ was about 18 and the calmest,quietest horse I have ever seen.My uncle and little cousin,ted, came over and wanted to ride Champ.

My dad put the saddle and bridle on him and my uncle and ted,who was about 2 at the time,got on. They went walking around the pasture,then all of a sudden they both slipped off the side in one smooth motion. As soon as they hit the ground Champ stopped and turned back at them.

Everybody rushed over.Noone was hurt,the saddle hadnt been tight enough.The saddle was still hanging to the side.Ted rubbed his head and solemnly said,"that horse bucked me off,he bucked me right off." His eyes were so wide. Everybody cracked up.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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