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A friend of mine came up to me after church last sunday and asked me if there would be any horses in Heaven. Well I knew she was a horse lover so I thought I would have a little fun with her. I told her that the bible does not make any direct verses of any horses being in heaven except two breeds and they are the charley horse and the three minute breed. She should have known better then to have my exsplain to her what these breeds were. so her edjucation continued. I told her that the charley horse would only appear if she was on her knees praying for too long of time and then tried to get up. She would then get a charley horse. The three minute horse would only be in heaven if she got hungry. Thats when you take a big horse steak and grill it on both sides for three minutes then add a few spices and gulp it down. She actually hit me right infront of God and every one. I used to love horses untill my next door friend came over one day for me to take her to the hostpital. she held out her thumb and from the first knuckle the meat was stripped off. You guessed it, she was holding her hay wrong when trying to feed her horse and he stripped that thumb clean to the bone. So have any of you other horse persons have any interesting tales to tell?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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