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A letter to all members of the US military

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If you go to you can look up Kerrys voting record on gun control and defence bills. He's far more to the left than ted Kennedy ever was. He's voted yes on 50 of the last 55 anti gun senate bills. Most Americans seem to be totally complacent about his deception and are oblivious as to what this country could be in store for. Now John Kerry seems to be pretending to be a republican or a conservative in his speeches to garner your vote. This man will say and do anything to win the presidency. Do you remember what Bill Clinton did with executive privilege in the 90'S? All combined he used executive privledge to legislate from the oval office, bypassing our constitutional prosesses more than any American president in history. John Kerry considers Bill Clinton to be a moderate! John Kerry is so far to the left of Bill Clinton, that I consider John Kerry to be an actual leftist and definitely not a liberal. So much for checks and balances. I truly belive that if this man is elected president that within three years of his presidency, the second amendment will be abolished completly. He will legislate illegally from the oval office with executive privilege usurping our bill of rights and our constitution. Are we all on the edge of losing our freedoms to the most dangerous man to ever run for our nations highest office? What manner of evil does this man posess that he is able to control the hearts and minds of fellow americans at will. Thomas Jefferson stated in his writings that the primary purpose of the second amendment in the bill of rights was to provide Americans with the means to overthrow a tyrannical government. America be aware of your legal rights under the constitution of the United States and the bill of rights. Members of the miltary, remember the oath that you took and how you swore to uphold our constitution. Have great resolve and stand firm in your convictions no matter what may happen. If your commanding officers and the commander in chief tell you to do something against our constitution and the people of this great nation. Ethically and morally you are not bound to follow those orders. look to God, your hearts, the spirit and writings of our founding fathers for guidance and wisdom. Remember American soldiers that upholding our nations freedoms and liberties is serving the most rightous and nobel of causes.
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