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A little more Gunsmithing

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Did a little more damage to the Rock Island. A Nighthawk Custom MSH and a Ed Brown Beavertail. Here's the current iteration.
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Yeah Irish, Ed Browns require a .250 jig to cut the tangs. Used a #2 swiss,half-round file(3/8ths"), 180, 400 and Fine crocus-cloth to fit. Also, the Ambi Thumb-safety had to be recontoured to fit the new lines and the Beavertail. Funny thing was that NH Custom MSH was so oversized, it took almost as long to fit as the Beavertail. Here's a pic from before I started blending.

Here's a pic from when I was almost finished.

Also, I had to blend the top and the lines.

Thanks Snake! Appreciate that!
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