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A New Grip on Old Friends...

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Hello. I was recently able to acquire some long discontinued Fitz "Gunfighter" grips. I put a set on my S&W Model 24 and liked them so much, I bought two more sets.

I find these grips to be the most comfortable I've ever used on N-frames. I intend to keep this Model 58, but if it goes, the grips stay.

Very similar in appearance to the ones on the M58, these are going to remain with this old Model 28.

These grips sort of resemble some of the old Herrett grips, but the contours are different. They were all exceptionally tight and required a bit of fitting, but I'd rather have to do a bit of work fitting than to have them loose.

"Feel" is subjective, but these ARE the grips I've been looking for for years. To me they keep the S&W "look" and they are without question the most comfortable N-frame grips I've tried.

The set on my 6 1/2" Model 24 are blondish in color and set off the gun in my admittedly prejudiced view. Didn't get to photograph them today, but plan to in the future.

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Stephen, those are beautiful. I have a model 58 that would look even better with those babies on.

BTW: I actually joined this forum last year, have checked it regularly but never made an entry. I have to say that this is the only gun forum I've watched on a regular basis that isn't bogged down with senseless arguing and name calling over issues that add nothing to the forum. I've seen dissagreements (on favorite guns, cigars or drinks maybe) but it is really nice to see such a laid back, knowledgeable group talking about issues that they really enjoy!!
Hello. Thank you. I agree that Fernando has a very nice site here.

How wide are they? I've a problem with most revolver grips being way too narrow for me. Those look a bit more meaty. I like that.
Hello. I've not measured them, but they feel about as thick as the service stocks, but maybe a tad thinner. They are more rounded on the sides.

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