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I promised that the next knife picture that I posted would not be one of mine, and I try to always keep my promises.

This is the Phoenix by David Brodziak.

see: promise kept

While David makes absolutely beautiful Art knives, what I really love are his everyday work knives. He has a fine eye for color, form and feel so that his work knives are functional, feel perfect in the hand even after using it for long periods and are still things of beauty.

Here is an upswept skinner that David made for me. The blade is from 440C while the handle is a combination of Ebony Wood and white Corian. The handle has a slight palm swell and feels realy good in the hand.

Here is a knifemaker that understands what's needed in a work knife but that can also make each a Work of Art.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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