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Just to explain. When Bigg Bosss Mann informed us that the part labeled "View more Emoticons" was in effect, it was like turning me loose in a house full of pumpkin pies, . . .

or bourbon and rye, . . .

or key lime pie, or key lime cheesecake for that matter, . . .

or . . .

well, you get the idea.

The apology is if I inadvertantly sent a subliminal message of offense to anyone. About one third of the time my use of the emoticons has been to reference something I said in my post, usually making fun of myself. At other times, it is completely meaningless, just me being silly, since I have a Ph.D. in Silliness from The University of Mirth. I have always been partial to cops, and when I grew up I actually numbered a few cops among my closest friends. Some are retired, some are still active, one died in The Towers. I love pigs, so I love that flying pig thingy, and I'm a guy who bangs his head into the wall from way, way back in life, so that's why I love that one, but it's all in fun.

This much I can say, I'll always be making of myself or referencing something in my post, not making fun of another person. And the rest of the time, I'm just expressing my interests or being silly, so if . . .

(i) I accidentally fired someone from their job;
(ii) cursed out someone's wife;
(iii) told someone they didn't know what they were talking about;
(iv) had someone's utility company cut off their power;
(v) had someone's phone company cut off their service;
(vi) rebooted someone's computer;
(vii) or had a pizza on its way to your house sent to the wrong address;

. . . you have my sincerest apologies. I'll try to limit it from now on.

Love that police car, the headbanger and the flying pig though, that's a real hoot!!!

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So that's where my pizza's keep going!

Bloof I hope you didn't offend anyone because if you did, than I know darn well that I must have!

Apology accepted. For your pennance I insist that you go to the liquor store or bakery of your choice and window shop without spending any money!


Guido Sarducci
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