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Dean often gets questions e-mailed in through TGZ. When he does he gives them directions to this forum and invites them to post their question here. Very often that happens but sometimes it doesn't.

The other day someone wrote in asking about putting a 7.62x39 chamber adapter in an old, low number ("brittle") 1903 Springfield rifle. At first glance that sounds reasonable but the facts are otherwise:

1. just because it is smaller doesn't mean that the 7.62x39 has lower pressure. To the contrary the max pressure for the 7.62x39 is 45,000 psi. That might be ok were it not for:

2. The diameter of most 7.62x39 bullets is 0.311-0.312". Most .30-06 bores are .300" (groove =.308"). Any way to stretch it pressure is going to be higher than normal and too much for the old low number Springfield. It is a very bad idea.
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