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A sad and embarassing tale....

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I picked up an application for a CWP on the first day they became available after South Carolina's shall issue law went into effect. It took me about 3 or 4 days to get everything else together, and then I mailed it in.

On the 90th day after the application was mailed (the maximum time limit as required by the law,) I received a letter from SLED stating that my app was on "hold" until the disposition of a case against me could be determined. According to their records, I was arrested for uttering a fraudulent check on November 26 of 1984, and they wanted to know the disposition of the case, as their file didn't record anything other than an arrest.

Well, that date just happened to be my 7th anniversary, and I have NO recollection of being arrested for anything at all on or around that time. Furthermore, in 1995, I had to get a copy of my criminal record from SLED as part of becoming an insurance agent, and the record I was given showed nothing at all.

I tried to backtrack on the charge mentioned, but was not able to find out anything about it. Because of some other more important issues in my life at that time, I decided that it wasn't worth the $$ or hassle to hire a lawyer to disprove SLED, so I let the matter slide. I figured there would be no CWP for me.

This past Tuesday, I was going through some old files and found a letter from SLED. I opened it and what should fall out but a CWP that had been issued to me on 4/4/96, good until 4/4/01!!!

Curious item #1: How did that mysterious charge clear itself up?

Curious item #2: Although the law mandates training classes, the permit I was issued was done so without my showing any formal training other than submitting copies of my Life NRA, USPSA, and SCSA memberships, and a copy of my NROI certificate. Apparently, at that time, these were good enough to satisfy somebody. (Dean, Jim McCleary may have had something to do with that.)

Curiouser item #3: How the heck did that letter get into my file cabinet without me knowing about it until 8 years after the fact? :shock: :?: :evil: :oops:

Apparently, SLED has decided to overstep its bounds to a large degree. There is a poster on "another board" who is being denied a renewal of his permit because of speeding tickets. SLED's rationale is that 4 tickets shows a wanton disregard for the law, and therefore no permit should be issued. According to my understanding of the wording of the law, anyone who can legally purchase a handgun from an FFL holder MUST be given the permit once he/she has completed the training requirements.

What will happen if I now try to get a new one? From '97 to '02, I delivered parts for a local car dealership, and during that time, I received a number of speeding tickets. I do intend to reapply, and we shall see what we shall see. This time, I'm in a position to fight them if need be, and I will. I have already alerted GRSC to what is going on with this fellow from the other board.
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Ohhhhh, I have a much much sadder one, :roll: maybe some day I'll tell you about it!!!
Back in the mid-1960's, a friend of mine was taken to a police station for investigation of a larceny. He was fingerprinted and released without being charged. Thirty years later, he applied for a carry permit. He was notified that before a permit would be issued, he would have to send in proof that an earlier felony charge was dismissed.

The problem was, there was never a formal charge. The police deparment had forwarded the fingerprints to the FBI and they turned up on the background investigation. For about a year, he battled bureauracies in two states before finally getting his permit.

The various laws requiring background checks for firearm purchases and carry permits exposed the sloppy record keeping of many law enforcement agencies and courts.
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