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While watching the video, I noticed that during some of the firing sequences, I could hear a whine ("bweeeeCRACK") as each shot was fired, but heard it BEFORE the actual muzzle blast. What is this phenomenon, and have any of you ever noticed it before?

I first noticed it many years ago when hunting doves. In the field, the shotgun reports of distant shots (not my own) would have a sound quality that reminded me of something passing through a metal tube; specifically, it sounded as if a gun were being fired into a very long metal drum-type container, similar to the sound a gunshot would make inside a corrugated metal building with a concrete floor. Could that possibly be the sound of the shot column passing through the barrel? Why would one hear that BEFORE the actual report? (Do you think I'm nuts?)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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