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Does anyone participate in agility with their dog? Fred and I are attempting to learn it. Unfortunately Fred's brain hasn't arrived quite yet so we're sort of dabbling. I understand that their brains arrive somewhere between two and three years of age and he'll be three in January. It's a good thing he's extremely cute and sweet! :lol:

He knows the obstacles and can do them fine, but if we try a partial course, sometimes other things are just a bit more fun and he doesn't take things too seriously which is a contrast to my old male German Shepherd, Cody who tended to take things WAY too seriously (although we didn't do agility).

At any rate, it's fun for us right now. I just wish in actual competition that they'd write conditions like they do in horse race - you know, dogs jumping 24 inches other than Border Collies or Aussies. :D
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