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Where did you get that? The white house website? :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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NOPE. IF it was off the WH site it would tell us to GO BUY a DOUBLE-BARREL shotgun & SHOOT IT up into the air "to scare off prowlers".
(NO JOKE. "POOR JOE" Biden, "the sitting Vice-NITWIT of the United States", really did say that at a "town hall meeting" in DE in 2011.)

Evidently "POOR JOE" and the other FOOLS, KOOKS, WIERDOS & CROOKS of "the Obama MIS-administration" think that bullets/shot fired up into the air "evaporate".

yours, sw

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After the first time I was asked to "pick up tampons", and was confronted by the staggering variety of choices, I came away thinking that they ought to be sized by gauge, like shotgun shells.

Fun Activity: Try suggesting that to the female/s in you life.

Hilarity does not ensue.
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