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I've been wanting to build a boat.

I want to combine the V hull and light weight of an RIB with the skimming ability of an airboat using two swiveling ducted fans instead of one huge prop and rudder so it would be both low profile and quieter.
Applications would be around lakes and rivers with shallow and deep portions... and even rough water.

Using alloy slats and a composite material fabrics to stretch over the slats, it would be possible to make a variable geometry V-hull. And with an air bottle, you could deflate it and fold it up, and then reinflate it quickly for deployment. Coast Guard, Navy, US Customs, Border Patrol... Special Operations could all use such a craft.
I remember reading about an SF Team that was running up river in a RIB but couldn't reach the target because of the shallow water so they had to dump the boat and go the rest of the way on foot costing them valuable mission time.
An AIR-RIB would have let them get in and out fast.

Just another crazy idea of mine.
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