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Al Jezeera Muslim network now on USA TV

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Is this really the kind of media we want in our country? I mean the media is bad enough but a Muslim Brotherhood owned network speaking out against our country...really?
From Wikipedia: 22 members of staff of Al Jazeera's Egyptian bureau announced their resignation on 8 July 2013, citing bias coverage of the ongoing Egyptian power redistribution in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood.[23][24][25] In January 2013 a former New Editor at Al Jazeera, who was from Syria, and had been at Al Jazeera for "nearly a decade" was fired without cause given, but in an interview stated their belief that it was linked to his/her resistance of ongoing strong pressure to conform to biased coverage of the Syrian civil war. The former Editor stated that the Muslim Brotherhood was "controlling the Syrian file at Al-Jazeera" with both organizations biasing news coverage in favour of the Brotherhood ousting the Syrian government of Assad by force and warning the then-editor "the majority [in Syria] is with the Muslim Brotherhood and [taking power] is within our grasp":mad:
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Yet another branch of the Ministry of Propaganda to ignore.
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