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American-Made Steel Cased Ammo

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First time I had heard of this:

Steel-Case Ammo Made in USA: Winchester's USA Forged -


The "sooty chamber" comment posted (Which is what the author heard from someone, and thus must be subject to the Dean Speir "Gun store guy" rule by my reading at this point) would track with some experience with Russian steel cased ammo if confirmed.

Anyone had experience with this ammo yet?
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I have found that it depends on the firearm. IF the firearm has a robust extractor, go ahead and use the steel cased ammo. If it has a weak extractor like an M1 carbine then you are taking a chance on damaging the extractor. The carbine extractor is one of its weak points. The extractor on a 1911 is strong. Consider that before you shoot.
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